channel_sk1n (channel_sk1n) wrote,

My beating heart

Well I'll be here tomorrow
To wipe out all your sorrow
I look to Him to follow
Always baby that's my motto
I swallow up this sound
And spit the nectar around
This love was never lost
I'm telling you it was always found
Constellations whisper
My brother and my sister
I should have never kissed Her
Now my love I always miss Her
She is my golden god
Wipe away this facade
Lighting up the three cities
Lighting up my eyes and I
This song is never done
I'm telling you all has just begun
I'm finally on the road to one
Illumined with a thousand suns
Never leave this holy town
Lift me Mama from the ground
Come through me with your graceful sound
Tell them man I'm freedom bound
I could go on for hours
Of how your nectar showers
All glory and all power
Now I'm screaming to you louder
Mama you're my only hope
Mama you're the only boat
That carries me across the sea
Steadily, steadily
Tags: trevor hall

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