channel_sk1n (channel_sk1n) wrote,

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram

there’s no time to think
only time to feel what is real
place your palms up to the sun so you can feel
the heat of the summer
the coolness of the winter
spring, autumn, and fall shall removes all ya splinters
they say in this game
to keep the finger upon the trigger
well this is a different song
and i am different singer
i ain’t a loser
then again i ain’t a winner
i’m just a neutral man tryin’ to keep my head above this quicksand
that we’re all drowning in
trying to hold the oceans in the palm of my hand
well it’s nice to have you back now
nice to see you singing loud
i’ll drop the beat and then defeat all of the demons now
Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram
that is my anthem
yes, that is my song
and that is what i meditate upon all day long
for whoever brought us here
shall have to take us home
whoever brought us here
shall have to take us home
Tags: trevor hall
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